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Fashion History

Fashion History: Fashion History: A Global View proposes a new perspective on fashion history. Arguing that fashion has occurred in cultures beyond the West throughout history, this groundbreaking book explores the geographic places and historical spaces that have been largely neglected by contemporary fashion studies, bringing them together for the first time.Reversing the dominant narrative that privileges Western Europe in the history of dress, Welters and Lillethun adopt a cross-cultural approach to explore a vast array of cultures around the globe. They explore key issues affecting fashion systems, ranging from innovation, production and consumption to identity formation and the effects of colonization. Case studies include the cross-cultural trade of silk textiles in Central Asia, the indigenous dress of the Americas and of Hawai'i, the cosmetics of the Tang Dynasty in China, and stylistic innovation in sub-Saharan Africa. Examining the new lessons that can be deciphered fro…

The Twins (Prague)


A casa das mulheres

Women Houseé o encontro de duas noções : o género  – o feminino -  e um espaço – o doméstico. A arquitectura e o espaço público eram masculinos, enquanto o espaço privado foi durante muito tempo a prisão, ou o refúgio das mulheres: esta evidência histórica não é uma fatalidade e a exposição Women House mostra-nos isso
«Elle rassemble sur 1000 m2 et dans une partie des cours de la Monnaie de Paris, 39 artistes femmes du XXe et XXIe siècle qui se saisissent de ce sujet complexe et mettent la femme au centre d'une histoire dont elle était absente». 
Após a etapa parisiense, Women Houses irá para o National Museum of Women in the Arts, em Washington D.C a partir do 8 de Março.