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Laura Lee Downs: «Women, work and the transformation of state/ society relations, 1914-18», sexta-feira, na sala polivalente do ICS, em Lisboa.

How has feminist scholarship changed history? Writing Gender History explores the evolution of historical writing about women and gender from the 1930s until the early twenty-first century. With chapters on the history of Europe, the USA, colonial India and Africa, the discussion moves from women's history to gender history, and then to poststructuralist challenges to that history. This revised edition includes an exciting new chapter looking at recent scholarship on race, gender and sexuality in colonial and transnational history, and on the history of the body. Highly accessibly but also encouraging new debate, this book provides students with a comprehensive understanding of gender history, as well as its possible future.

Laura Lee Downs dirige a Cátedra de História do Género no Instituto Universitário Europeu de Florença. Dentro das suas publicações inclui-se Writing Gender History, Londres, Bloomsbury Academic, 2010 (2ªedição).

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